Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A fun and simple DIY project

DIY projects are natural and organic to me because they come from the heart. Nothing is more exciting than making crafts from scratch. Not to mention, it's way cheaper than buying fancy decorations!

My daughter's 2nd birthday was this weekend and her theme was purple flowers. I wanted to make cute center pieces for cheap. So I headed off to the thrift store and found pretty (new) matching glasses and a bouquet of fake purple flowers. I spent a total of $2.50. I originally planned on putting some pretty river rocks in the glasses but I couldn't find many outside. So I turned to some craft grass I had laying around the house and some purple banner paper to add a little color. I snipped the flowers at different lengths and firmly pressed them down into the grass. They were a huge hit at her party and I promised to share this idea with others. Enjoy. :)